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What is Towel Radiator?

A radiator that is designed specifically to warm towels as well as a room, often used in bathrooms, kitchens… It can be used instead of other classic heaters which take up take  a lot of space. In comparison towel radiators have lots of advantages such as small volume, stylish, decorative, easy to clean and maintain.

Advantages Of Angora Towel Radiator?

Our production plant is one of the leading enterprises in the sector when is considered criteria such as production and export volume, machinery and personnel investment in the domestic manufacturers.

Kalori Isi Sistemleri has completed machinery pool such as pipe and profile cutting, pipe chamfering, cnc profile drilling, automatic grouping, brazing waxing, furnace brazing, powder coating and chrome-plated lines. Angora has annual more than 500.000 meters/radiator capacity.

Unlike most of manufacturers, we use furnace brazing instead of classic brass brazing in our process. In this manner, we provide desired homogeneity on all brazing faces and also the production quality is based on machinery and automation systems instead of capability of personnel.

Semi-finished products are tested with 13 bars pressure.

After the test and surface cleaning operations, painted products are coated with phosphate in order to make much longer paint life. Then at 110 C, drying process is applied. After the drying process, products are coated with ral 9016 polyesster powder paint on the full automated robot lines. Then baking process is applied for 10 minutes at 200 C.

After Chrome-plated pipe and profiles are polished in our own polish plant, furnace brazing is applied. Semi-finished products are coated with chrome by automated systems after test and final cleaning are applied.
Electro-static powder coated or chrome-plated products are packaged with hangers and then are put into white cardboard. After shrink operations, products are become ready to ship.

Advantages Of Towel Radiators? 

* Provide the same amount of energy as a more economical,
* Installation is easy because of it has smaller volume,
* Easy to clean and maintain.
* Available in electro-static powder coated or chrome-plated.


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